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Lexol Cleaner and Conditioners


Why Lexol Cleaner & Conditioner?


Lexol is the most trusted name in leather care and DeGreeve Auto Upholstery’s first choice for cleaning and restoring leather. We have been carrying this product for 30 plus years and it has never let us or our customer’s down.


Lexol’s products are carefully formulated to maintain the beauty and durability of all types of genuine leather.


The non-alkaline Cleaner is pH-balanced to match the pH of the leather and preserves the leather’s strength, durability and appearance. The cleaner rinses easily, leaving the leather clean and ready to condition. It contains no harsh ingredients that can damage, discolor or dull leather.


The leather Conditioner replenishes the oils that keep leather soft and supple, restoring its beauty and prolonging fiber life. It protects leather from cracking and premature aging by providing the lubrication necessary to keep it strong. It is made with the finest tanning oils which are emulsified into microscopic droplets. These oil droplets bond to the leather fibers, nourishing the leather without leaving a greasy residue behind.


So Why Lexol? Because your vehicle’s leather is worth the investment.


If you are interested in these products, call or visit our shop today


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