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Innovative Mobility Solutions for Your Car in Calgary, Alberta

Getting a makeover for your car is easy, but what requires effort is maintaining it. But you do not need to worry when DeGreeve Auto Upholstery is by your side. From the steering wheel to door trims and the centre console, our innovative products can help keep your expensive interiors as good as new for a very long time. Not just cleaning products, we also offer you innovative solutions to upgrade the comfort factor of your vehicle of any make and model.

We have been perfecting our craft for decades, and these choices reflect the combinations we know will transform your car into something unique and special. Some of our products are:

Heated seats

Heated seats

Our heated seat elements feature dual-zone heating for the back and bottom and provide a built-in thermostat for controlled comfort. You get a real choice of “low” for cold days and “high” for the Alberta winters!

Steering wheel skins
Steering wheel skin colours

Wheel skins

Wheel skins are the perfect upgrade for a standard plastic steering wheel or a worn factory leather wheel. These not only provide you with immense comfort while driving but also help upgrade the look of your vehicle.

Katzkin seat cover


The look, feel and smell of a premium, factory-quality, and the leather-trimmed interior is now an affordable luxury! You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for the entire factory upgrade package when all you want is the leather.

Lexol cleaning supplies


Deep cleans leather safely and thoroughly, without the harsh, damaging effects of alkaline soaps.

RaggTopp products


Formulated for fabric and vinyl, it safely removes the toughest of stains. It will not harm metal, plastic, rubber or wood finishes.

RaggTopp Cleaner Kit

RaggTopp Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit

The RaggTopp Convertible Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit is your best defence against yellowing plastic windows.

Vinylex vinyl protectant product

Vinylex vinyl protectant

It is designed for the cleaning, care and preservation of all vinyl, rubber, fibreglass and plastic surfaces. Use this to keep the interiors of your car looking fresh.

Restore Your Classic Vehicle

With DeGreeve Auto Upholstery, you can be assured of getting quality products and amazing craftsmanship.

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